Chapter One
Who is Daniel?
Secrets.  Every family has them and mine is no exception.
They stay fiercely trapped within the walls of our house, as much a part of it as the plaster, wood, and nails.  They’re seen in the looks and eye contact which make the rounds to everyone in the room but me.  They’re found in the whispers late at night as I lay in bed trying to make sense of the jumbled words that float into my ears.
A name, Daniel, hovers in the air.  The voices downstairs lower and soon there is silence.  As the silence swells; it surrounds me.  I pull the blanket around my arms and shoulders.  The name Daniel lingers until its very presence hurts.  I wrap the blanket even tighter.  Who is Daniel thunders in my brain.  I’ll find out if it’s the last thing I do.