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“They’re Always With You” by Mary Clare Lockman (Wise Ink Creative Publishing, $11.95)

Colette McGiver, a sixth-grader who’s almost 12, lives in Red wing in the late 1960s.  She loves her parents, her Italian-immigrant Gramps, and basketball.  Colette’s Aunt Florence also lives with the family, but the girl thinks her aunt is cranky and unreachable.  She also knows there is a family secret involving someone named Daniel.

When Colette learns her unsmiling aunt was once in love, their relationship changes, especially when Florence says she’d be delighted to attend Colette’s varsity games.  Then Gramps, who calls Colette “Bella” (beautiful in Italian) has a stroke, and while he’s recovering they work on Colette’s oral history project.  She finally learns about Daniel and how he affected his grandparents marriage.

This is a sweet story that will resonate with young readers who sense there are secrets in their families.  Colette is a nice girl and her relationship with her grandfather is touching.  Lots of novels aimed at boys include sports, so it’s good to read about Colette’s basketball games.

“They’re Always With You” is the first book published by a Minneapolis-based company that helps independently published authors.


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