Reader’s comments

I have received wonderful comments from many people about my book.  I loved this one.

September, 2014
This is a truly heart-warming story about a young girl’s growth of understanding about her own family’s past history. She develops empathy for her family members…especially Gramps and Florence and is an aide in helping them through their personal journey toward emotional healing. A person like Collette who takes the time to listen to someone spilling their heart out is doing a very cathartic experience for both parties….and I believe young readers can learn that this is an effective way to deal with sadness and grief and can bridge the gap of misunderstandings. The story reveals a rather grown-up approach to real life situations of illness, strokes, travel away from home, finding your way, decisions, choice of occupations, heartache, dealing with death, loss, teenage pregnancy, anxiety, unspoken pain, empathy, sympathy, forgiveness, secrets, family dynamics, feelings of guilt and remorse for past life’s well as feelings of encouragement and hope, not giving up, promises, and also recapturing those joyous and beautiful memories. Listening to other people’s stories is a meaningful adventure for the young Colette and we as readers learn with her and feel the empathy for other people’s life stories which creates a space for conversation to inquire and to understand about the mysteries and meaning of why people do the things they do. This is a mature little girl who for the first time in her life begins to view the outside world differently and finds out how it connects to her own private world….almost like a rite of passage….as profound as when she sees the film clip at school of women’s changing bodies. This is a well written novel and I think it would be a great book for young adults to read…it gives them a chance to see how important family history is and that there are advantages to listening to others. It brings it close and personal as it deals with multi generational issues. Congratulations on writing this poignant piece of work.


Judge’s Commentary 22nd Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards  “They’re Always With You”

October, 2014

I loved this novel and everyone in it.  Ms. Lockman writes with a gentle authority that draws you into her story, as easily as butter spreads on hot toast and it is just as delicious.  The characters are drawn with masterful brush strokes, a primer on how to capture the essence of someone through snippets of dialogue and other character’s observations, of their character, as opposed to their physical attributes.  From the moment each character comes on stage you fall in love with them.   The heroine is delightful, particularly for her market, and the mood is perfection, transporting readers back to 1970 and how it felt to be a young girl in an American small town.  It’s simply enchanting and portends a brilliant future for the author.  Did you get the idea that I loved it?

Judge’s Commentary 25th Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards  “It Starts with a Lie”

November, 2017

“It Starts With a Lie” presents with a cute, real life photo image cover.  The production quality is well above average.  I was really very excited when I discovered that the author has a fantastic writing style and a voice that is perfectly suited for the genre.  This is a good book.  Now, while the plot is not the most original plot I’ve ever read, it certainly kept me entertained and turning the pages.  Colette is a relatable, strong tender-hearted heroine that kept me rooting for her until the very end.  a satisfying ending and tons of laughs are both a sure sign of a talented author.  Fast pacing that doesn’t lag and a great job of realistic “age appropriate” dialogue that also presents with a nix mix of dialogue and narrative makes this book a great find.